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Placerville Tattoo Parlor Sign

California Gold Country: Placerville Apple Hill, Jackson, Volcano, Sutter Creek, Columbia

Over the years, lady killer Paul has been a great road trip buddy.  He doesn’t mind doing all the driving and – unlike me – he actually looks at a map before heading out, figures out the route we are taking, and even jots down several alternative routes. This is an incredible road trip skill. […]

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A Long Weekend in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

This post is about a long weekend spent on the Mendocino coast. Of course there is a cancer story that goes along with this. Lately there is a cancer story involved in everything I do. Perhaps one day I will go on a trip with no cancer story, but that is a different life and […]

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Panning for Olallieberries in the gold rush town of Nevada City – California

It was time for a road trip.  It had been five and half weeks since my final chemo and about two weeks since I found out that my fourth stage cancer was now – officially – in remission. Yaay!  Let’s party! (Well, let me rephrase that – let’s party as long as I can be […]

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Stienstra: Now’s the time for elk watching

A great article by Tom Stienstra about elk watching in Northern California.  One of the places he mentions is Prairie Creek, where Bruce, Teresa and I were as part of our road trip to Oregon as per my post here. From our hiding place below a short levee at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, we rose […]

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Smoked Pepper Fish

Elks, Smoked Fish and the Road Home

After our day on the Rogue River, we considered continuing north and spending one more night in Oregon, but our three activity-filled days away had been enough excitement at that point, so we all agreed to turn around and head home.  It would be light for a few more hours and the weather was warm […]

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The Emerald Forest Campground

Patrick’s Point and The Emerald Forest Campground

The decision to take a road trip up north with my BFF Teresa was made on the spur of the moment. The fact that this was a long holiday weekend and Teresa and I had neither reservations nor an itinerary was not a deterrent.  As a matter of fact, neither of us made any attempts […]

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A Shell at Crystal Cove State Park Beach

Crystal Cove State Park

Tidepools and fine dining have come to comfortable terms at Crystal Cove State Park in Southern California. Located on the Pacific Coast Highway (Highway One) between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach, pristine and preserved Crystal Cove State Park is the antidote to the expected SoCal fare of serpentine freeways, sprawling malls and augmented body parts. […]

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