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Row. Row, Row Your Boat

New Year’s Eve weekend between 2015 and 2016.  The Mountain Man and I decided to take a trip up north along the coast.   Neither of us is particularly fond of the ocean…and we had only known each 8 weeks. Outside of traveling up to his home near Redding, we had not been on an overnight trip together. […]

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Mount Shasta Liquor Sotre

Getting Smashed in Mount Shasta

I decided that I was going to take a trip to the mountains about 10 days before the trip actually transpired. I was going to be facing a very messy situation the weekend before.  I didn’t know if the outcome would be good or bad, but whatever the outcome, all I knew was that when this […]

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A seagull surveys some neighboring houseboats in Sausalito

We The Tiny House People

This originally came to my attention via Facebook and The Tiny House Blog. This fun documentary is about an hour and a half long and visits tiny house dwellers in California, New York, Europe, Hawaii. These tiny house dwellers live in houseboats, caves, converted tool sheds and garages and other unexpected places. All of the […]

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A Long Weekend in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

This post is about a long weekend spent on the Mendocino coast. Of course there is a cancer story that goes along with this. Lately there is a cancer story involved in everything I do. Perhaps one day I will go on a trip with no cancer story, but that is a different life and […]

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Panning for Olallieberries in the gold rush town of Nevada City – California

It was time for a road trip.  It had been five and half weeks since my final chemo and about two weeks since I found out that my fourth stage cancer was now – officially – in remission. Yaay!  Let’s party! (Well, let me rephrase that – let’s party as long as I can be […]

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Egyptian Containers

Belgian Waffles and Egyptian Mummies

Although our original plan after our day in Fresno was to barrel straight through to San Jose for the night, exhaustion and a finite amount of daylight hours made Los Banos a more logical stopping point. Sydnee and I had passed Los Banos on the way down and it had been clear that there would […]

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Motel coffee maker

Sunrise in Los Banos

Days Inn Los Banos California This just in from the department of “miracles often happen while you are whining about irrelevancies”.  A friend of mine and I are in a motel in Los Banos, California as part of a short road trip that included several points of interest in Fresno yesterday and which will take us […]

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Motel 6 Gold Beach

Patterson Bridge on the Rogue River at Gold Beach Oregon

Our road trip came to a grateful end in Gold Beach, Oregon at around six in the evening. Earlier in the day, while still in Eureka, we had decided to visit Bruce’s sister Janice one more time and while at her house, we had made reservations at the Motel 6 in Gold Beach.  Which was […]

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Legend of Bigfoot

Road Trip up CA 101 with Bruce and Teresa

So my friend Bruce came by the office one day and asked me if I wanted to drive up to Oregon with him for a couple of days.  I said “why not?” and when my BFF and partner in crime, Teresa, heard about it, she said she wanted in on the action too.  The goal, […]

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