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Row. Row, Row Your Boat

New Year’s Eve weekend between 2015 and 2016.  The Mountain Man and I decided to take a trip up north along the coast.   Neither of us is particularly fond of the ocean…and we had only known each 8 weeks. Outside of traveling up to his home near Redding, we had not been on an overnight trip together. […]

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Getting the fire pit ready

The Not-So-Simple Life

A few years ago I went with my friends Alice (of the Tomales Flea Market and Street Fair) and Teresa (of countless road trips and crazy adventures) to the Not-So-Simple Living Fair in Boonville, California. I am not sure how this happened, but somehow we decided to be vendors because there was no vending fee and it also included free […]

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City of 10,000 Buddhas

My first trip to the City of 10,000 Buddhas was in the spring of 2009. I with a man I was very much in love with.  I recently found a photo of myself from that day. I am standing on the side of the road, almost levitating with joy. The next time I was there, […]

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Marijuana Pharmacy

Point Arena and Anchor Bay

This excursion started with a magazine article about Point Arena depicting its many charms. It made sense to take a short road trip up there since a bunch of us were already in the beautiful community of Sea Ranch  (located on the northernmost tip of the Sonoma County coastline, along Highway 1). I’ve been to Sea Ranch several […]

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The Point Arena Lighthouse

The Point Arena Lighthouse – in Mendocino County – is located at the westernmost point of the continental USA.  It is a short drive out from the town of Point Arena.  I have been here twice, never getting any closer to the lighthouse than in this photo. The entry fees are stiff – and this last […]

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A Long Weekend in Mendocino and Fort Bragg

This post is about a long weekend spent on the Mendocino coast. Of course there is a cancer story that goes along with this. Lately there is a cancer story involved in everything I do. Perhaps one day I will go on a trip with no cancer story, but that is a different life and […]

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Yorkville, Boonville and Philo on CA State Route 128

Making love in the afternoon with Cecilia Up in my bedroom I got up to wash my face When I come back to bed Someone’s taken my place (Cecilia – Simon and Garfunkel 1970) Is it wrong to sing along at full volume with this song? Is it wrong to do so while it’s playing […]

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Covelo: Boosters say change is afoot

Am currently working on a post about a recent camping trip to Covelo for the annual Blackberry Festival.  In spite of the scenic beauty, my travel companions and I noticed that Covelo and Round Valley had a very disturbing “energy”.  As I write, I am trying to figure out how to balance that observation with […]

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My First Published Travel Piece

My first travel piece has just been published – let this day stand in infamy!  I entered a Mendocino County writing contest on Trazzler. I didn’t win, but my piece on the City of 10,000 Buddhas was a semifinalist.  Due to the fact that it was also an editor’s choice, it is now permanently archived […]

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Liberation of the Animals at the City of 10,000 Buddhas

Over the last 18 months,  The City of 10,000 Buddhas has become my “go to” place for serenity.  Located in Talmage, California near Ukiah, it is an easy ride north from my home in Sonoma County.  In spite of my naturally social nature, I tend to go to the City of 10,000 Buddhas alone, finding […]

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Mendocino Morning

A Morning in Mendocino

After our night in Fort Bragg, we headed seven miles south to the small town of Mendocino.  It was 4th of July morning, clear and warm, unusual for this coastal town.  After a hot cup of tea for me and coffee for Teresa at Moody’s, a local cafe, we went to explore.  The whole town […]

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Hidden Pines Campground

A Night in Fort Bragg

Our adventures began when we left Eureka for Fort Bragg.  On the way up north on US CA 101, I had seen a sign pointing out a shortcut to Fort Bragg, so I figured we would take that on our way to the Mendocino Coast.  Plus Teresa had her GPS system, so what really could […]

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