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Tomales Flea Market Sign

In Tomales for the Flea Market

I love to sell things.  Just love it.  So from time to time, I go to craft fairs and sell stuff. This all started when I was on chemo.  I decided to take up beading. It ended up being one of the few things I could do during my catatonic states, which became more and more […]

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Ferndale Cemetery

Ferndale: California’s Victorian Village

Although I have been up to the Lost Coast several times, I never took the time or had the opportunity to explore the Victorian Village of Ferndale. This last Mother’s Day, I went up north again, this time with my mother, and with Joshua who decided to come along, too. Ferndale was definitely going to […]

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Lolita Tavern

Loleta, California

Loleta is a small town in Northern California.  Its name, Lo Le Tah, came from three Wiyot Indian words meaning “a pleasant place at the end of the water.” Lolita Online We ended up in the tiny town of Loleta over Mother’s Day weekend because my mother likes cheese.  We had been in a few […]

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Stienstra: Now’s the time for elk watching

A great article by Tom Stienstra about elk watching in Northern California.  One of the places he mentions is Prairie Creek, where Bruce, Teresa and I were as part of our road trip to Oregon as per my post here. From our hiding place below a short levee at Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, we rose […]

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Smoked Pepper Fish

Elks, Smoked Fish and the Road Home

After our day on the Rogue River, we considered continuing north and spending one more night in Oregon, but our three activity-filled days away had been enough excitement at that point, so we all agreed to turn around and head home.  It would be light for a few more hours and the weather was warm […]

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H and 13th, Arcata

Arcata and the Soapbox Derby

After our morning in Samoa, we were on our way north again. Next stop: the Arcata Farmer’s market in the Arcata Plaza. Arcata is a university town, home to Humboldt State, the most northern campus of the California State University system.  A cute downtown, a pretty plaza.  Colorful and well populated with vendors and shoppers, […]

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Samoa Cookhouse

Samoa – Breakfast in a Company Town

Our first stop Saturday morning was the Samoa Cookhouse for breakfast.  Located in the former company town of Samoa, the cookhouse is known for its lumberjack size meals and family style seating.  We were not disappointed. Our Saturday morning menu included fresh from the oven biscuits and steaming gravy, thick slices of french toast, savory […]

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Legend of Bigfoot

Road Trip up CA 101 with Bruce and Teresa

So my friend Bruce came by the office one day and asked me if I wanted to drive up to Oregon with him for a couple of days.  I said “why not?” and when my BFF and partner in crime, Teresa, heard about it, she said she wanted in on the action too.  The goal, […]

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Old Town Eureka

Eureka and Arts Alive

“Eureka is an exclamation used as an interjection to celebrate a discovery. It comes from the Ancient Greek Εὕρηκα/Ηὕρηκα – Heurēka/Hēurēka meaning approximately “I have found it”. From: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_(word) Well, we found it.  After the Patrick’s Point / Emerald Forest campground / Arcata Marsh escapade, Teresa and I headed down 101 to Eureka on Saturday […]

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The Emerald Forest Campground

Patrick’s Point and The Emerald Forest Campground

The decision to take a road trip up north with my BFF Teresa was made on the spur of the moment. The fact that this was a long holiday weekend and Teresa and I had neither reservations nor an itinerary was not a deterrent.  As a matter of fact, neither of us made any attempts […]

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The Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Center

Who visits a wastewater treatment facility while on vacation?  Or at any time? As it turns out, I do.  And I think you should, too. In the early 70’s, the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Center was home to a landfill and an aging wastewater facility. Leachate was seeping into the Humboldt Bay and rats, feral […]

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