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House in Orange City

Orange, California

“The city of Orange is located in Orange County, California. It is approximately 3 miles (4.8 kilometers) north of the county seat,Santa Ana. Orange is unusual in that many of the homes in its Old Town District were built prior to 1920; whereas many other cities in the region demolished such houses in the 1960s, Orange decided to preserve […]

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Laguna de Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, California

  Soon after posting these late at night, someone from the City of Sebastopol emailed me and told me to enter a couple of them in their photo contest.  So I did.  You can vote here at Life in Sebastopol.

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A SofA Doorway

My Life As A Pekingese

I woke up on Sunday feeling not that great.  When I was combing my hair, my left leg started aggravating me, like it did when I was on chemo.  I know this sign and I know that It was just a matter of hours before I start limping, followed by a total systems collapse, including depression […]

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Downtown San Francisco and the bay from Christmas Tree Point, Twin Peaks

Bad Patient Climbs Twin Peaks, San Francisco

I arrived in the San Francisco neighborhood of Twin Peaks in mid May after a two week stay in the hospital with pneumonia. I’m a cancer patient and was on aggressive chemotherapy at the time, which creates havoc with the immune system. Whether or not I would survive became a matter of speculation for awhile, […]

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The Linden Street Alleyway

The Ecstasy with no Agony and a Quite Pleasant Little Brunch in Hayes Valley, San Francisco

After a very satisfactory morning shopping in downtown San Francisco at the non-profit clothing store A Miner Miracle (and feeling quite righteous about it) my shopping friend and I decided that it was time for a break.  We were planning to stop into a coffee shop across the street from the store, but the two […]

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A home in the Cherry Street historic district

Tarantula Woman visits Santa Rosa

When I woke up on the morning of Sunday, October 31st, I was a more than a little surprised to run into a stranger in the bathroom. She had long blond disheveled hair and was covered in tarantula tattoos. The person in the bathroom turned out to be me – the original Miss Priss – […]

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Iranian American Cultural Festival

Fresno: Japanese Gardens and Iranian Dancers

After the Forestiere Underground Gardens, Sydnee and I still had a few hours of afternoon time before we headed up to San Jose. With a population of over half a million, we figured there would surely be lots of things to do in Fresno.   We asked several people at the Forestiere Gardens what they would […]

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