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Camping cabin

A Weekend in Duncans Mills

Last year I spent the weekend in Boonville at the Not-S0-Simple Living Fair.  One of the highlights of the event was the fact that at some point during the weekend, an anonymous camper came to my campsite and fixed and rebuilt the tent that I had so poorly constructed. I wrote about this episode – complete with […]

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View above our tent

Covelo: Blackberries, Street Dancing, Camping and Grieving Spirits

During 2009, I spent a lot of time in Mendocino County, which gave me an opportunity to discover new places and unique events. One of those places was Covelo and the event in question was the Blackberry Festival.  The man I had been with at the time had promised to take me to the festival […]

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Hidden Pines Campground

A Night in Fort Bragg

Our adventures began when we left Eureka for Fort Bragg.  On the way up north on US CA 101, I had seen a sign pointing out a shortcut to Fort Bragg, so I figured we would take that on our way to the Mendocino Coast.  Plus Teresa had her GPS system, so what really could […]

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The Emerald Forest Campground

Patrick’s Point and The Emerald Forest Campground

The decision to take a road trip up north with my BFF Teresa was made on the spur of the moment. The fact that this was a long holiday weekend and Teresa and I had neither reservations nor an itinerary was not a deterrent.  As a matter of fact, neither of us made any attempts […]

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