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Traveling with a neurotic

Did I remember to lock the door?

Did I remember to lock the door?

Traveling with a person who is heavily neurotic is a terrible burden.  I should know.  I travel with myself, and believe me, it’s a nightmare.  I drive myself crazy.  Somehow, through what can only be termed “God’s Great Grace”, I still have friends who don’t mind going places with me, even though I talk incessantly about ridiculous subjects of zero merit.

I start filling with dread a few days before the trip.  I over pack just in case a blizzard strikes in the middle of a heat wave or I am unexpectedly invited to a formal black collar event while on a camping trip.  One never knows.  Then I start obsessing about disaster.  What if the car crashes? What if the car doesn’t crash and instead is stolen?  What if I lose the keys? What if I come back home from my trip and everything I own has been stolen?  Who cares?  No one cares.  Not even me, that’s what makes this so crazy.

I totally forgot to turn off the stove

I totally forgot to turn off the stove, I just know it.

Once on the road, more fearful terrors materialize. Did I remember to lock the door?  Did I actually lock the door or did I just think I locked the door?  I’ve done it so many times it’s automatic, but what if this one time…

Usually I pre-empt this problem by jumping out of the car just as we are pulling out and running up the stairs to check the door just one more time.  It helps if the other person is watching me, because then it’s been witnessed and then once on the road I can check in with them from time to time for affirmation.

Even if the door is locked, now there is the issue of the oven being on. Did I forget to turn off the range after I made tea? Is it still burning, and if so, is it burning underneath the kettle, slowly turning the remaining water into steam and then melting the kettle into a molten mass that will catch on fire taking down the entire apartment complex?  That said, did I remember renew my renters insurance?

The drug of choice for a peaceful journey

My drug of choice for a peaceful journey

I have learned to self medicate with chocolate and I have found that with proper dosage it generally takes about 3 to 4 hours for these feelings to subside. At that wonderful point I cease to give a damn about anything that happens back there.

Remarkably, in spite of my obsessive compulsive thoughts and behaviors, I am a very easy going traveler.  I’ll pretty much sleep anywhere, eat anything and talk to anyone.

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