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The drug of choice for a peaceful journey

Traveling with a neurotic

Traveling with a person who is heavily neurotic is a terrible burden.  I should know.  I travel with myself, and believe me, it’s a nightmare.  I drive myself crazy.  Somehow, through what can only be termed “God’s Great Grace”, I still have friends who don’t mind going places with me, even though I talk incessantly […]

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Paris Las Vegas Hotel

Las Vegas Attractions: Free Things to Do and See on the Cheap

This article came right on the heels of an overnight trip that I took with my daughter to Las Vegas.  We did enjoy several of these attractions: the Ethel M Chocolate Factory tour (mentioned in an earlier post), the Bellagio Fountains, and the Fremont Street experience. Just walking from casino to casino is pretty entertaining. […]

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the vado and the flip

The ex’s went to Texas: mini cams and bad water

In December, I had the opportunity to go to Dallas with my ex-husband for a video marketing conference.  We stayed at the Hyatt Regency in Richardson, North Dallas.  I wish I could say something revelatory about Dallas, but all I saw was the airport and the freeway.  Didn’t leave the hotel for three days – […]

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When GPS systems attack

In preparation for a recent trip to Fresno/Los Banos/San Jose, I thought I would purchase a GPS system. My friend Sydnee would be driving and we were going into areas that neither of us were familiar with, so it seemed like a good idea. I got one at Costco the night before our trip. I have nothing […]

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The Scottevest – am I the only one who thinks this is goofy?

You can wire up this travel vest, also.  Some of their clothing now comes with a dedicated pocket for an iPad or a Macbook Air. I noticed that most of the clothes are targeted for men – that’s because most women wouldn’t be caught dead in it. We have enough issues about being “fat” and […]

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Ethel M Chocolate Factory cactus garden

Sweet! 10 yummiest factory tours

I don’t know why people think that only kids will enjoy candy factories!  My most recent candy factory visit was to the Ethel M. chocolate factory last fall, near Las Vegas.  I was on a meandering bus trip with my daughter and the factory was one of the stops. We had started our day at […]

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