Covelo: Boosters say change is afoot

Entrance to CoveloAm currently working on a post about a recent camping trip to Covelo for the annual Blackberry Festival.  In spite of the scenic beauty, my travel companions and I noticed that Covelo and Round Valley had a very disturbing “energy”.  As I write, I am trying to figure out how to balance that observation with the details of our trip. Ironically, this morning an article appeared in the local paper about Covelo.

Deputy Bryan Arrington is treated to stunning vistas each day as he winds his way down into the mountain-ringed Round Valley, located in Mendocino County’s remote northeastern corner.

He levels off on the valley floor, driving along Highway 162 past prosperous-looking ranches where cattle and horses graze in vast pastures. But once he reaches Covelo, the valley’s only town, a different picture emerges.

Its downtown is riddled with empty storefronts, and except for the bustle at Keith’s Market, the streets are nearly empty. Further west, the Round Valley Indian Reservation is populated with a mix of newer homes, trailers and homes in various stages of dilapidation.

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