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A Morning in Mendocino

Mendocino Morning

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After our night in Fort Bragg, we headed seven miles south to the small town of Mendocino.  It was 4th of July morning, clear and warm, unusual for this coastal town.  After a hot cup of tea for me and coffee for Teresa at Moody’s, a local cafe, we went to explore.  The whole town was setting up for an afternoon parade. Flags and bunting were out and flapping in the breeze. Entertainment tents were set up in several places.  Lawn chairs lined the parade streets for people reserving their places ahead of time. There was a bustle of activity and an atmosphere of happy anticipation. We took a walk around town, stopping in one or two galleries and taking in some neighborhood streets.  We even paused at the local cemetery, which is as picturesque and as postcard perfect as the rest of the town.

Kelley House Museum

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We had a small adventure at the Kelley House Museum where they were setting up for the parade and for some ice cream sales.  The security guard told us that we were free to go into the museum and look around.  Which we did.  Later, when we were upstairs, we heard one of the docents clearly telling someone else that the museum was “closed”.  Fortunately, we had already run around upstairs, opening doors and looking in rooms, so we were golden. We then waited until the docent and the miscreant left the building and then we escaped quietly.

Confession: personally, I enjoy cute little boutique towns for awhile, let’s say 45 to 60 minutes.  Then I can’t take it anymore.  Fortunately, Mendocino directly faces the ocean, and has one of the most beautiful coastlines imaginable.  Teresa and I crossed Main Street and started walking towards the edge of the cliffs.  There is only one ocean photo in the gallery for this post, because, quite frankly, other people can do it better. Google “Mendocino coast” and see for yourself.  In the meanwhile, you can visit Mendocino from wherever you are by just watching the video:

On the way back from the ocean, we took a different path back and ended up stepping into an area filled with water.  Now squishing and muddy, we made our way back to the car. Cleaning our feet and shoes the best we could on the street, we headed home to Sonoma County.

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